All services listed below have starting prices that vary based on breed, cut, weight, coat condition and temperament of ​your furry companion. Call for details on pricing for your individual needs. Proof of vaccines required for grooming. 

Bath & Brush 

A soothing bath with our luxury shampoos, nail trim and a gentle ear cleaning.

Full Paw Pedi

Add-on to any service! Choose from a variety of bold, bright and sparkly doggie nail polish colors to make your pampered pup's paws pop! Add on to any spa package!


Includes everything in the Bath + Brush plus a face trim, sanitary tidy and paw and tail trim

Premium Pamper Package 

Includes everything in the Bath + Brush package with a full body hair cut.

Walk-in Pedi Trims 

Walk-in pedi's are always welcome and always $9!!!!!!