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Meet Bob and Celeste! These two adorabolical shop kitties love getting into trouble at The Grooming Room and our clients love them!!!! From savagely hunting and taking down Moon-Bug our shop dog, pulling the ribbons off the spools and running through The Room with them to taking bandannas and hiding them throughout the shop, see what these two sabotage next!!!!

New word: "Adorabolical"


adjective - The ability to be cute and diabolically evil at the same time.

Keep checking back for more Mischief and Mayhem!!!!!

This is Bob - aka "The Lover"

This little guy has the amazing ability to wipe away the blues in a matter of seconds with his charm. 

Celeste - aka "The Trouble-maker"

Though she may look like she's helping with this bath, she's really thinking about knocking that bottle of shampoo over. Notice how she cleverly avoids looking at the camera to avoid being recognized. 

*Note* No poodles were harmed during the time this photo was taken. That is, Maggie, one of our groomer's poodles who was getting her bath. She loves the shop kitties and they lover her as well. 

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